The Henderson Group | Lifetime Family Wealth Management
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Lifetime Family Wealth Management

Our job is to foresee challenges and opportunities and to make arrangements for what’s absolutely most important to you. This is a lifetime commitment, because it has to be to pay off our promise to each client.


In our initial discussions with each client, we conduct a thorough financial review culminating in the development of an individualized and comprehensive personal financial plan. This process is required because it is impossible for us to deliver quality recommendations without a full understanding of your current financial situation, as well as your needs and fears, dreams and aspirations, challenges and opportunities.


We consider Step 2 of the planning process to be the heart of values-driven financial planning. The direction, and ultimately, the recommendations rely on the accuracy and completeness of a client’s goals, concerns, vision and values. When all is said and done, perhaps the greatest value we deliver is making sure the client’s financial plan gets implemented, and then is followed or revised over time. To find out more about our planning process, please click here.


Too many plans become paper in a drawer. We provide ongoing monitoring and plan revision as needed to ensure goals are being met or adjusted for changing wants and needs over a lifetime and into the next generation as appropriate.


Please email David Henderson or phone us at 540-887-8300 to discuss whether this approach is the right approach for you.