The Henderson Group | Jennifer Hanna Williams, CFP®
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Jennifer Hanna Williams, CFP®

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Jennifer Hanna Williams, CFP® is a senior financial planner with The Henderson Group. A native of Staunton, Jenny graduated from William and Mary College in 1993. An English major “cured” of teaching aspirations after a year working with preschoolers, Jenny accepted a friend’s offer to work as a sales assistant at a Northern Virginia brokerage firm – and began her journey toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner™.


“I discovered that when you’re in the brokerage world you don’t learn about taxes, estate planning, cash management, or how to help people put together all the myriad pieces of their financial puzzle. Certified Financial Planning helps round out your knowledge and gives you the tools you need to bring success and financial comfort into people’s lives,” she explained. To that end, Jenny began studying for the CFP license, which she received in 2004. Before arriving at The Henderson Group, she worked as a CFP® in both Northern Virginia and Staunton. “I love being a CFP®,” she said. “It’s a good combination of professional education and helping people.”


Jenny and husband Jim, live in Staunton with their daughters Erin and Hanna Jane.


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