The Henderson Group | Fee-Only Compensation
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Fee-Only Compensation

We are different from advisors who use “fee-based” models of compensation. Our “fee-only” status means we do not accept commissions or compensation from any other source, such as insurance products or investments. Nor is there any incentive to take risks with a client’s money for our own financial benefit. The advice we give to prospects is always to ask an advisor, “who pays you, and why?”


Fee-only compensation enables us to be completely objective and unbiased. It is a demonstration of our fiduciary responsibility to place the interests of each and every client ahead of our own interests.

We appreciate that the decision to hire a financial professional largely rests in calculation of cost versus value. We also recognize that our service is not appropriate for everyone. Our clients are those who know the value of having a seasoned financial professional serve as their personal advisor.

Each engagement is individually priced. Our fees are based upon the complexity of the client’s financial situation. Please accept our promise: we will not accept a client engagement unless we believe we can add value.

Please contact David Henderson at 540-887-8300 to discuss why we are among the small minority of financial advisors nationwide who operate on a fee-only basis of compensation.

Financial planners who take commissions have a built-in conflict of interest... Even with disclosure, my choice would be a Fee-Only planner.

Jane Bryant Quinn in NEWSWEEK