The Henderson Group | Beware The Next Trend of Information Theft Is In The Palm Of Your Hands
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Beware The Next Trend of Information Theft Is In The Palm Of Your Hands

Beware The Next Trend of Information Theft Is In The Palm Of Your Hands

There are many things you can do to protect your phone and the information on it.

As everybody knows there has been an increase in the theft of mobile devices. One thing you can be sure of that has changed is that these thieves are becoming more sophisticated and want much more than just to sell your physical device.

As the number of tablets and smartphone being sold increases, so does the likelihood of cybercriminals breaking into those devices. From 2010 to 2011 the number of smartphones sold went up 42%. Over just the past two years 40 million tablets have been sold. With all these devices out there that have our data on them are we making sure they are secure?

Today’s world is all about convenience and these gadgets provide just that. BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, to work is a growing trend that these devices have helped bring about. They allow us to boost productivity with access to our email and internet, and allow us to work on the move. These gadgets also allow us to store large amounts of data and have a gateway to our organizations when we are not in the office.

These gadgets are also causing some IT specialists to worry. Mobile devices tend to be insecure and the users are often uneducated about risks and how to secure their devices. These on-the-go devices can be easily lost or stolen and the information stored on them can be stolen through the wireless networks.

With the increasing number of these devices being sold so does the number of cybercriminals looking to obtain you data from them. Cybercriminals, without you even knowing, are infecting your gadgets with malware, phishing scams and other malicious traps.

Working within the financial services community we know how important it is to protect your data. We see what these cybercriminals are capable of on a daily basis and our doing our best to help our clients protect themselves.

We recommend:

1. Passwords. Use passwords to protect unauthorized access.

2. Firmware. Keep your OS and firmware up-to-date.

3. Back up your date.

4. Application to wipe data. Have an application that will allow you to remotely wipe data from your device if it is lost or stolen.

5. Antivirus. Make sure your device has up-to-date antivirus software or scanning tools on it.

6. Use a security lock or PIN feature. This will help prevent somebody else from getting into your phone.

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